Our Story: Sienna Design

Established in 2010, Sienna Design continues to grow in size and expand in its’ scope. What started as a side project, to supplement my 9-5 routine and challenge my graphic design and photography skills, has evolved into a burgeoning business that acts as a one-stop shop for consulting through to creative. Working with a team of specialists, we are able to offer a vast array of services from print and web design to SEO optimization, copywriting, and brand consulting.  Sienna Design maximizes your business’ current offering and elevates the look and feel of your brand in the digital space.


Mirna Saffouri

Mirna Saffouri

A little bit about me: Mirna Saffouri

Never content with status quo, I was the kid, pencil in hand, who was working out 3D shapes as those around me sketched stick figures. Once I was happy with my drawing skills, I was on to painting and then, fascinated by logos, ads and poster design, transitioned into graphic design. For me, this pattern of adopting new skills and continual growth has never stopped.

After completing my diploma in Graphic Design at Collège Ahuntsic, I took on the role of Lead Graphic Designer at Canderm Pharma in 2004 (Acquired by Sanofi in 2011). There, I began exploring the marketing arena.  I was promoted to Assistant Product Manager, where I oversaw the whole process of driving products to the marketplace, planning and executing every step of the launch from package design, copy and pop collateral through to ad design and media outreach. As satisfying as this professional growth was, the techy side of me felt neglected so I dove into the world of Web Design by completing a certificate at Concordia in 2009.

Web Design came naturally to me and in 2011, I joined the La Vie en Rose team as their main Web Designer.  Gaining a broad knowledge of the online marketing arena, both vertical and horizontal, I seamlessly transitioned into my current role as a Digital Marketer.  As a Digital Marketing Specialist and Manager, not only can I satisfy my love of design but I get to think of innovative ways to implement the latest technologies. I remain agile, as each business presents unique challenges in delivering a message to its specific demographic. I’ve finally found my comfort zone in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.